Pick Lottery Numbers That Win – Be Smart and Earn Money Satta Matka

Don’t you feel a twinge of envy when you read about lottery winners, people who picked the right numbers and won considerable amounts of money? Some of them win by pure luck but some people seem to win regularly. They may not win a jackpot every time or even once, but they repeatedly make small winnings. There is a system to this that is not impossible to master. You too might also be able to turn this into a frequent and regular source of income. You just have to learn how to pick lottery numbers that win.

Obviously, you cannot have foresight about the winning numbers. You have to understand that winning lottery numbers are picked purely randomly. There are a few things to avoid when you select your numbers.

Firstly, do not look to previous winning number for inspiration. There is rarely any pattern to it since they are picked randomly. You might just be wasting your money if you select them.

A simple way to pick numbers purely randomly is to just pick them blindfold. You can increase the odds of winning by sticking to this pattern repeatedly.

Another common mistake people make is to use numbers from birth dates. Matka There will be a lot of people doing the same thing. Since you have only thirty one days and a maximum of twelve months, there are a limited number of options available to you. Even if these numbers win a smaller prize, there will be other winners to share it with. The same logic applies to picking lucky numbers from the astrology section of the newspaper. Just imagine the numbers of people who share the same date of birth as you.

Another popular way of selecting numbers is to use a pattern on the ticket, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Here too there will be lots of people using exactly the same format.

You could take the help of companies that suggest winning patterns. They claim to analyze data and then suggest numbers. Some base their suggestions on past winning numbers. Some, however, analyze numbers that people tend to pick and those that they avoid and advise you accordingly. This way you stand a better chance of winning and of increasing the win amount as well. They also give you specific advice about different lotteries since there can be many variations in them.

First, you should know that any set of numbers has exactly the exact same chance of being drawn in any lotto draw. Even the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 has the same chance as any other set. So, it really doesn’t matter what numbers you choose. What does matter is if other people choose the same numbers as you. What you should want to do is try to choose numbers that nobody else has chosen, numbers that are unique. Why is this the case? Because if there are multiple winning tickets in any draw, the winners will have to split the prize, meaning less money for each winner.

How, then, can you choose lottery numbers that nobody else has? Well, it’s never 100% possible to do so, but there are certain things that you need to be aware of. That’s where the strategy comes into play. This is how you should pick lottery numbers – Pick the least popular ones! The least popular numbers are those higher than 31. Why is that? because a big percentage of people play numbers based on birthdays and the most days in a month is 31. If a lottery draws low numbers, there is a better chance that there will be multiple winners because most people pick low numbers. Do the opposite and pick high numbers. Then if you’re lucky enough to win one day, it will be likely that you will be the only winner and you’ll be able to keep all of the jackpot money to yourself.